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Thread: Adex during PCT

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    Adex during PCT

    26 years old.
    200 lbs 13% bf

    Week 1-14 750 mg test blend
    Week 1-16 Adex .5mg ED
    Week 16-20 nolvadex and clomid PCT

    I will be entering PCT soon. My question is should I be continuing to take Adex throughout PCT. Before anyone says it. I have done already research and there seems to be a lot of conflicting information about this. Thanks!

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    No need. No need to run Hcg through pct either.

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    No. Why? U take adex because u want to prevent extra testo to convert to estrogen. That extra testo is by def all test over 700 ng/dl. (my def now).
    So if you wanna finetune adex more than just stopping when stopping the cycle, u can look into your blend and do the math on the halflives. When they equal 100mg-150mg (short esters --->100, long esters ---150) u can stop adex and start pct.
    Because your normal testlevel should be 700 ng/dl if you were ok when u started and 100-150 mg test equals 700 ng/dl

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