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Thread: Anti e and pct

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    Anti e and pct

    Hi, I'm I've been around for awhile and took a long break for years. I recently got back and I went to order my anti e and pct products and it seem the world of research companies has changed. I use to test out product from this sights old sponser rui. I see they are no longer a sponsor anymore is that a bad thing, is there quality still the same, it was always good for my testing. . I've also looked into bluesky, they seem to have been real popular are there products any good. I've heard they have problems with people credit card info. Did they get that fixed. Are there.better places. Any help is appreciated. I can't believe how the rc world has changed.

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    Wow 2002 user. Welcome back.

    Unfortunately cant help on your question, the only thing I recommend is to use pharma AI and pct meds. This is something that can seriously mess you up.

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