37 y/o male, first cycle.

Start weight 187lbs, 6' tall lean
Currently 206lbs lean

Looking for advice on PCT for following cycle.

Weeks 1-13 EQ 500
Weeks 1-14 TEST-E 500

I am currently on week 11 of this cycle, and have been running .5 Adex EOD.

I'm not planning on running hcg due to lack of opportunity (I will be traveling through many countries during the 10-20 day time frame post cycle.)

I am planning on starting my PCT on week 17 ( 21 days post eq pin, and 14 days post Test E pin)

My questions are...

Should I run adex until PCT begins, or through PCT?
Should I lower the dose of ADEX post cycle?
Is it recommended to run Nova and Clomid, or just Nova?
What doses would be recommended?

What can I expect before during and after PCT in terms of libido? ( I have been away from my wife for the past 4 months and will be getting back home just prior to starting my PCT, so obviously I'm looking to make up for lost time!!!)

Should I or Could I take an OTC test booster after PCT to help bring my levels up? Or is it just better to ride it out?

Any answers, comments, or advice is greatly appreciated.