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Thread: Pct help...

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    Pct help...

    I'm sure this has been covered many times, but I couldn't seem to find it so apologies if this is a repeat!
    I've been off cycle for a couple months now. Did a pct that was recommended but it didn't seem to help much. Now I just have lack of motivation and no energy. I still make myself go to the gym, and once there I'm fine but it seems like I have to talk myself into it to get there.
    Since being off cycle my diet hasn't been that great either, it's seems like cycling off hurt more than it helped.
    By the way, I'm 43, and have been pretty steady in the gym for the last 2 years. Just looking for some advice on where to go from here... need to get my energy and motivation back.

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    Go and get some bloodwork, see where your levels are.

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