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    PCT Way After Cycle

    I used to do roids about 13 years ago.

    1st cycle was Sust 250 for our first cycle at 250mg/wk.
    2nd cycle was Sust 250 (250mg/wk) with Deca 200 (200mg/wk).
    3rd cycle was Sust 250 (500mg/wk) & Deca 200 (400mg/wk).
    4th cycle started with Dbol , Sust 250 & Deca 200.

    Then I moved, taking the rest of my gear with me.

    I did a 5th cycle of Deca 200 at 200mg/wk.

    All that was long ago. I got married and stopped. Then I got divorced, and I want to get back into what I love.

    Now, I'm reading up to get going again, and I realize this whole PCT section was something I missed the first time around.

    I've got Low T right now, but I am not on any low T medication.

    After reading up, I'm pretty sure my low T is because I never went on a PCT regiment.

    My question is: If I started a PCT plan now, would that boost my natural testosterone levels back up or is that already too late?

    If I could regain my normal T levels, I might not even need a cycle.

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    I would just look into getting on TRT . then if you ever do decide to cycle again you can just do it and not worry about PCT anyways

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    If blood work with a competent doc reveals low t that's not correctable then by all means get on TRT. It's a game changer when it's needed.
    To your question, it's extremely doubtful any form of pct would suddenly ramp your endogenous production up to where it maintains that once the stimulation of serms (pct) is discontinued. If you've been off for years now then your endogenous production is what it is. Full BW though may reveal other issues that may be suppressing natural production such as thyroid, prolactin, etc. Always nice to enter into TRT with a clear conscience.
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