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    Four days after last test prop pin. Still have hard on and can masturbate.

    39 yo
    6'2. 205lbs
    9 week test prop cycle 50 mgs Ed.
    Week 9 started igf lr3 40mcg pwo, mgf peg 200mcg on weekends.
    PCT 50/50/50/50 CLOMID, 20/20/20/20 NOLV.
    Continue peps until post pct.

    This is my first test cycle... I lost so much fat and transformed my body from overweight fatty to ripped and big. Gained maybe 5 lbs but the mirror transformation starting week 2 was insane and only got better.

    I'm currently on day 4 after my last pin. Last night I took my clomid and Nolvadex . Hoping today wouldn't be depressing and painful. I woke up energized and with a hard on. This afternoon I even jerked it just to see if I could.
    What do you think is happening. Genuinely curious. I know it's test prop because it started working day 2-3.
    Maybe it's just weak as it expired 1 year ago. But my transformation says otherwise.

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    You're forearms are gonna get jacked with super wrist strength - it's important you control the masturbation. Think of it like playing a violin symphony using a feather from a virgin red-breasted swallow. Delicate but precise.

    Did someone brainwash you into thinking you're wiener would fall off during PCT or something ?
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