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    Anavar only first cycle..HCG/PCT??

    As a 33 year old who still doesn't want to be on TRT but want to try and get some gains out of doing an anavar only first cycle, what would you recommend 50mg a day for 8-10-12 weeks? would you run HCG at some point or possibly all the way through just to be safe like i have heard some people talk about? (would that prevent you from having to run a PCT??)...If you did do a PCT would you run nova or clomid to be safe?


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    Read this thread:

    An Anavar only cycle is not a good idea nor is using an Oral for that duration of time.

    After you have read the link let us know if you have additional cycle questions but it covers all of the basics.
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    I agree with Windex but I will also assume you have already started as it seems most people are looking for approval rather than advice if so keep your cycle short I mean only a few weeks kind of short. Var only at 50mg per day can mess with your whole system in time. Max 8 weeks adding Proviron followed by clomid should be ok. If you want to do a little longer and can't do the needle you can get some Test Undecanoate in pill from from overseas and run it with VAR up to 12 (not recommended) then PCT or just VAR for 4 or 6 weeks then add M1T for 2 or 3 more weeks for a total of 6 to 9 weeks then clomid. The issue with all these is your liver health. I would do none of the above myself. You can get some smooth injectables that will flow through an insulin needle and it is almost pain free and much safer.

    If you are looking more for athletic performance then tbol can be ran in a low dose for 12 weeks but again increasing does for strength gains would cut your natural production of test and you would have to hope clomid can restart it.

    The only oral that you can run for long periods of time is proviron at 50mg per day it should not interfere with your natural production and may even increase your natural test over time. This depends on what literature your read and who was doing the test in the US the literature say all AAS will shut you down and since the US considers proviron a AAS they just copy and past the warring, however if you read literature form Europe, India, Australia ... you will find research where they use proviron for years with out having to add testosterone with very good results. Not going to bulk you up and you may not notice any strength gains but should improve your overall performance a little. Good luck.

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