So I tested HCG that I got from a source is was Ovidac. Basically this happened before when I tested premixed hcg Hucog sent to me; mind you the Ovidac was not reconsititued and something that I had to mix up with because I thought the testing on the HCG was a lil weird. So basically I put almost 350-400mcg where you drop the solution in and then 3 minutes later waiting for the test I saw the C line which was pink but the T line was a white line which was weird because this happened before when I tested HCG both lines showed up but the T line was very faint while the C line was Red. Is this normal while testing HCG, because I heard with pregnant women; usually the first week when they see that they are pregnant on the stick only 1 line is very dark while the T line is faint I guess because they aren't excreting as much HCG in the body until the 4th week or so when they start excreting 1000mcg or so. So overall is my HCG bunk or is it that 350-400mcg isn't enough to show but dark red lines.