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    My brother sent me this early today. brother After 1 year without using anabolics I did a sperm count and my sperm count went well below normal. A normal person has 50 million per milliliter if I am not mistaken, mine gave 300,000 (almost nothing), and of these 300 thousand more than 50% die very fast or are defective. Bottom line: Only 30,000 healthy and healthy. The doctor told me that with 30,000 it is almost impossible to conceive someone by the natural method and that in my case I could do an invitro fertilization if I want to have children someday. Oh I ask you, even after 1 year without using anabolic steroids is it possible that my hormone axis has not yet returned 100% to normal and so the low count of my spermatozoa? At the time I took the exam I was 28 years old, my libido was normal and never blew, I thought it was 100%, but the sperm examination gave this change.
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