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    AR-R Loyalty Program

    As a reminder.....

    Our Loyalty Program has been a huge success. Thank you everyone for your participation. As a Loyalty Member, you automatically receive an immediate 5% off your entire purchases. As your order history increase over time, your Loyalty Member status will increase, based on how much you spend at the store:

    Rookie = 5% off all purchases (plus any additional promos) | Just for Joining!
    Professional = 10% off all purchases (plus additional monthly promos) | Spending over $1000
    Expert = 15% off all purchases (PLUS FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING) | Spending over $2000

    Signing up for the Loyalty Program is EASY & SECURE.....and most important: It's FREE. Just register at the store. It is that simple! Joining our Loyalty Program allows quick access into your store profile, access to exclusive savings and additional discounts, and much more. And remember, it is FREE to join. No monthly dues, no nothing.

    * SAFE
    * SECURE

    It Is Our Way of Saying THANKS For Your Loyalty

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    I have used this loyalty program and its all good, thanks ar-r . I am close to 10% now!!!

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    I'm at the 10% discount mark.

    Love it.....

    Appreciate it.....

    Thank you.....

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    how do i join the loyalty program? i cant seem to find it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animal212 View Post
    how do i join the loyalty program? i cant seem to find it

    By simply registering at the site, you are automatically enrolled into the loyalty program, and can beginning saving on ever order. Don't forget your log in details, as the more your order over time, the higher the percentage discount you are eligible for. Its starts at 5% and works its way up from there. Thanks,


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    Looks pretty decent need to try it someday but kinda lost beetween all your products there so many, looks like i need to read a bible currently on sustanon pct already prepared dont know what to add

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    Interesting, I had no idea, thanks!

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    Thanks Lion! The best service and products.

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