Currently, I'm on 100mg/E5D Test Cyp TRT, and am going to be adding 1mg/week of B12 injections to it.

I've got some issues with water retention and puffy nips, so I just ordered some liquid letro and plan on doing .5mg/day until it goes away.

I also ordered some clen , along with keto and L-Taurine. I plan on starting my clen at 40mcg/day and working my way up, and throwing in the keto at the end of the 2nd week. I'll be taking 2g of L-Taurine ED along with it, and will pick up some bananas.

Just want to make sure everything looks ok with this plan of action, in case I'm missing something.

100mg Test C w/1mg B12 Every 5 days

40mcg/day (and rising) of clen with 2g/day of Taurine and a banana or 2, with keto coming in at the end of the 2nd week

.5mg/day Letro until puffy nips are gone and then probably .25mg ED after that

LOTS of water.

Everything look Kosher?