Well I have now ordered Clen from AR-R 4 times. I never got the affects that I had from Clen on my first cycle. I always thought it was watered down or something but was trying to use Benadryl to clean or up my receptors.

I tried Clen/T3/Keto cycle before last and saw little results. Well let me tell you either your Clen has got stronger or Benadryl is just a joke(I am going with this) because I took a dose of 120mcg on Saturday and I thought I was going to die....I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER felt my heart beat so hard and strong in my life. I would try go sleep and I could hear my heart beating/pulse beating in my ears.

Now I am starting over at a lesser amount to just get accustomed to it.....GREAT STUFF AR-R.

One question for frequent users though. Who elses feels the Keto hangover after taking 2ml a night? I wake up in the middle of the night all drowsy ****ed up feeling and want to just pig out(I feel like I am stoned out of my mind.)

Also has anyone felt any adverse affects from just 40mcg of T3? I went back to the gym feeling super weak because I stopped taking my ADHD meds and I felt like i lost so much strength I am afraid that the T3 was just eating away at my muscles.