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    Ostarine help please!

    I am a 25 year old female who's been training for over 5 years .. I decided to try ostarine for the first time as I have never taken anything other than creatine to improve my performance. I've been on a 12mg/day 4.5 weeks at the moment.. Ive have 0 bad side effects; little acne, no mood changes, etc. But Ive noticed increased mass, strength, energy, gained about 7-8lbs while decreasing body fat in my stomach (pretty much the only place I would hold whatever fat I had) and currently loving this cycle. However, Ive read that it's likely I will not have my period during cycle.. but I've been on my period consistently for the past two and a half weeks. Is it possible that I'm taking too little or too much ostarine? my normal menstraul cycle is light & between 6-7 days, this one is still light but past 16 days... No other effects have occurred with my mood or the way my body is feeling. Could anyone help me out with why this is occurring and if it's okay or not? Thanks

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    Human research with SARMS is very little. Still a lot to learn with these items. If your getting results I wouldn't change anything.

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