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    LGD-4033 Review - Nearly as supressive as the real stuff.....

    This is a long post.......

    Overview – How I used it

    I ran LGD-4033 solo for a total of 26 days (it was liquid and ran out basically, it was going to be 28 days). My doses start at 10mg for 16 days and then 5mg for the remaining time. This was followed by (ongoing) full PCT of Nolva at 40 – first 3 days/20/10/10. No on-cycle support supplements, no hCG /HRegen. Both Nolva and LGD-4033 were liquid suspensions.

    My main goal was to use it as a mass builder with calories surplus of around 700 calories. Gym was roughly 4 days a week, split between 2 back days and 1 chest and 1 lower body. Stating weight was 78.5kg at 5ft 4”.

    A little bit of background, previously I completed prohormone cycles over a year prior, this is the first ‘supplement’ since. I left gym for a while this was after being back in the gym for 6 months, all muscle memory gains had completed. In my opinion I shutdown quite easily however recovery is quite easy as well, my general temperament is a little aggressive although not many people would notice, general described as a patient and tolerant person (important for later on).

    On-Cycle Results/Sides

    A lot of people starts logs and then fail to run through so I have done this just at the start of my post cycle.

    Day 1-5
    No really noticeable effects in terms of size or even energy really, but the pump sensation had begun, which mentally helped you to push yourself harder. No direct mental effect as seen with prohormones like Aggression to complete a set or ‘wining’ mentality.

    Day 6-10
    Some slight increases in size, believe around 3 lbs lean mass, no noticeable fat increase and a slight change in body shape. Arms seemed to gain the most definition and has the best pump, although back wasn’t far behind. Not many big gains on strength, felt I couldn’t do heavier weight but could do my average heavy weight in a more controlled (increased Time under tension). At this point the effects of shutdown has begun to appear, much quicker than prohormone use, but that maybe because there is no mental stimulus. Sides still at 10mg were increased aggression in the morning especially, general bad mood, ever so slightly more emotional.

    Day 11-16
    Gains again slight in weight maybe around 3lbs, slightly more water weight however, most likely due to increases in Estrogen and shutdown of testosterone . Strength was more prominent increase of 10kg average across all lifts. Back really seeing noticeable definition and width. However mood effects were significant, still at 10mg, aggression in the morning was interfering with daily life, work was made impossible, concentration was hard, mood swings, very irritable. At day 17 the dose was halved to 5mg.

    Day 17-26
    Weight dropped 1lbs strength and pumps were impressive. Water weight has shifted slightly, may have had a higher salt intake in the previous week. Mood improved with a lower dose, still feeling the effects of aggression in the morning however much milder and more manageable, however still very present. Signs of low testosterone evident, loss of sex drive, concentration issues and inability to handle stress. Also much harder to get out of bed in the morning, 12-14 hour’s sleep was required.

    My opinion of the cycle and the sides

    Overall running LGD-4033 on its own I think is quite difficult, it is VERY suppressive on the same level as a strong Prohormone (I only have experience with prohormones so can’t say for AAS). By day 16, there was a loss of testicular size and all the classic symptoms of low testosterone. Only thing that I did not experience was anxiety. It made me feel quite shit to be honest however there was no:

    • Loss of hair
    • High blood pressure
    • Mood swings towards the end of the day/evening.
    • Any mental benefit
    • Any skin changes/acne etc

    Overall the side effects are quite low compared to other anabolic compound, again in my opinion because there is really no real mental part, things like low testosterone from shutdown really get you, but that’s going to be a side effect of a selective muscle builder that is causing HPTA shutdown. It does also cause low HDL and lowers LH.

    What would I do the same/differently

    One thing I would defiantly do the same is use a liquid suspension, best way to control dosage as the side effects are directly as a result of the dose. I would also use this compound again, I do think that it does make a difference and without really any major side effects.
    I would though try a lower dose, maybe start at 5mg then increase to 10mg rather than the other way. It would probably slow shutdown a little bit and feel better for longer(ish). The other major thing is would do if I was to do a cycle is run a test base. Which raises the question if I was to inject test why would I use LGD-4033 in the first place?


    Very easy recovery, day one of Nolva and I felt an improvement, by day 3 mood/cognitive function all a million times better. Bloods will prove this but overall didn’t feel very shite while on PCT at the moment, in my mind things are better at least which is important and energy is back up. The speed at which normal testosterone levels return yet to be seen.
    People claim that an OTC herbal product will allow recovery, I agree this could be the case. However I would still use a SERM, not least because it is more effective at bring test back up and holding onto your gains. As well as that it’s a great way to see if Nolva would work for you if you did a proper cycle on a lightweight compound.


    Run this as part of a stack I think it is worthwhile, however the way that it is marketed as an alternative to Prohormone/AAS I am not so sure about. Ostarine while not as anabolic, has no shutdown so is more effective for this purpose. I wouldn’t use this as a solo compound again, simply because I felt the effects of low test so much.
    Maybe and really a maybe, great for a first timer, it has low side effects and defiantly gets you ready for mental challenge of what low test brings and gives you some size. Also recovery is not that hard especially if you use a SERM.
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    Good feedback on your LGD run. I haven't used LGD myself but It has had my interest.

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    nice feedback mate !
    Planning to use LGD 5mg first 2 weeks and then 10mg for another 4. I heard that despite the shutdown, recovery is easy with nolva/clomid.

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    Good feedback. Thanks.

    Ostarine no shutdown?...that is often not the case. After 4-6 weeks its often you are below 200.

    Dont see how you can increase estrogen when test shuts down as estrogen is made from too much test.

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