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    Clenbuterol question

    Not sure where to post this question. I know clen is not a Sarm but it's not a steroid either.
    Given that Clen raises heart rate and blood pressure, is it safe to drink coffee while on clen? Also wondering about pre-workout drinks. Either of those can get a person pretty hopped up. Just thinking if you're already shaky from clen what would a couple cups of coffee do on top of it?

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    It is a bronchodilator and is commonly used as a thermogenic. Click on the clen hyperlink and it will tell you all about it.

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    I've been on at the same time ; Clen 40mcg, 50mg Ephedrine, 700mg caffeine, 5mg cialis and pre workout.

    I survived this was a routine for months. I did have the odd occasion were I almost felt like going to ER.

    BUT COFFEE and clen should be no problem for average guy.

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