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    Lgd-4033 questions/help

    I want to start off my saying yes, I know Iím to young to be starting with this kind of stuff. Yes I know what it can do to me and I understand the risks. I just need some advice on the safest way I should be taking it. My plan is to run it for 6weeks. The first week and last week 5mg a day and the 4 weeks in between 10mg a day. When I get off cycle I plan on running a mild pct. Any recommendations other than to not take it? Thank ya friends :)

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    Proper dosage is highly required with this drug. For the right dosage, what you must consider here is the purpose first. If you are an athlete, then you need to take between 5-10mg per day. The cycle to work here lasts for 6-12 weeks in time before turning it off. There are also users who have gained experience with the drug turned to having an additional 1-2mg right after the third and fourth cycle.

    When talking about results of taking LGD-4033, most commonly, it appears as early as your first week of use. What you will feel first is the difference of your energy level which increases greatly. If you want to gain more of its results, partnering it with a high-calorie meal makes things worthwhile here. Also, when it comes to feeling the drugís stay in your system, it takes 24-36 hours. During those hours, the level of the drug drops by half and it drops by half again the following day.

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    I wouldn't run lgd-4033 at 10mg a day ever. The clinical non bro research was at 1mg or 2mg a day and it worked fine there. Viking released their stage 2 trials and it appears that after 2mg a day there are diminished returns.

    Now if course they are using 100% pure lgd 4033 and we aren't, but even then, 5mg a day is fine and you will avoid most of the worst suppression sides.

    Why pct? You want to take a potentially harsher drug than the lgd-4033 for a reason? Or because you think you'll need it?

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    First off, rule number 1 in this forum is never listen to anything that AllexCord puts up. He doesnít even have a clue if SARMs are safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by AllexCord View Post
    I've been reading about the positives of SARMs compared to oral steroids .
    Are they completely safe to run? Or do they have some sides as well to look out for?
    I have a list:

    • Mk-677
    • Ostarine
    • Cardarine
    • Andarine
    • YK-11
    • RAD-140

    I wanna take one or a stack and my goal is to reduce fat and gain strength.
    Thanks in advance!

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