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    Canlab Research Chems

    Has anyone had any experience buying BPC-157 or TB-500 from Canlab Research? Mainly interested in the quality of their products. Heard Jean-Francois Tremblay (from Canlab) on Ben Greenfield’s pod cast on peptides and he seemed legit.

    He mentioned that BPC-157 and TB-500 do not need to be injected close to the injury for them to work. Claimed that the peptides would not be able to cross all the tissues between the injection site and the injury, that the peptides gets snatched up into the blood stream and then within minutes is delivered systemically. He did concede that if you could inject directly into the injury there was a benefit but would need an ultrasound machine to ensure you were precise.

    Wondering if anyone has had success treating rotator cuff injury with non localized sub-q injections?

    Also be interested to hear if anyone had success just using BPC or whether they had to stack both BPC and TB-500?

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    I think running BPC without TB500 is a mistake because the cost is so low relative to the potential huge upside.

    Imagine running BPC alone and only getting say 60% healing. The the second time you get 100% healing adding on TB500. Well you've basically wasted your money had you run TB from the beginning you would've healed to 100% the first time around.

    Also what is your time worth? If adding TB500 costs $100 but speeds up your recovery by 2 weeks, surely your time is worth more than that.
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