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    Question Sarm Cycle advice

    Hey guys so im running my first cycle of LGD-4 at pretty small doses.
    Wk 1 and 2: 2.5mg/d
    Wk 3-5: 5mg/d
    Wk 6-8: 7.5mg/d
    With vitamins, cratine etc. For PCT i have about 200mg of Nolvadex , a little less than i might need but thought a good way to use it would be four weeks, 10/10/5/5. Im split between starting it mid-cycle or slightly overlapping towards the end? Any opinions or advice?

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    It is great that you are thinking about PCT. On Reddit I see a bunch of young men complaining about tits or side effects coming off SARMS because they didn't do PCT.

    Your idea seems to use less nolvadex /tamoxifen than you would for AAS PCT makes sense to me, but I don't know the dosages for SARMS PCT so I will let someone else answer that part.

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