Well fellas, the NFL season is just a little more than 24 hours away!! For those of you who like to gamble I should let you know about a site I used last year and made a killing! I found a 900 number for Sports-Plays.com while in Vegas and I won each day while I was there. It was about this same time and I won 3 straight baseball picks that they gave out. Then I used their free picks for the first 2 weeks of college football and won. I signed up for the whole football season and ended up making $ 4400. And I don't bet but $50 a game. They hit around 60-something percent for the season. I'm not a seasoned gambler but even I know that that is good. They have e-mailed me telling me that anyone I refer will get $50 off of the FULL NFL season package and so will I. I like that! So..anyone who wants to have the full NFL season package for $50 off just let me know. Their NFL full season package is $299 so we would get it for $249..if we get their full NFL and NCAA package, which is like $499, then they will give us $100 off! That package gives all the picks for the full season in the NFL and NCAA. Do the math, instead of $200 more for the full package, we get the full package for $50 more..and since they knock that off the price we get a $499 package for the price of just the NFL package. Other sports betting services charge like $799 for one of the two. I like these guys and felt I should pay them back with giving them a shout to all of us AR members!! Oh..they will e-mail us all picks and they give out their handicappers phone #'s so we can call them on gameday at any time.
Sorry so long winded! You can see them at www.sports-plays.com or call the 900 number for picks. you don't have to get the full season either, they have other options. e-mail me if you have questions.

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