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    Angry some people piss me off....

    It really pisses me off when I see people go on cycles and don't eat right, train or drink all the time.

    I'm not sure why they're even waisting their money.

    I know a few guys at the gym that have been bugging me to help them get a hold of some gear for a while.

    So out of stupidity, I helped them out.

    Well I've seem them like 2 times in 2 weeks at the gym since I've helped them out. And the times I have seem them, they complain about being hung over and drinking all weekend.

    I'm not sure what they think steroids are... magic pills I guess. I think they overlooked the fact that I"m in the gym 6 days a week and that I don't drink one drop of liquor when on a cycle.

    I'm just waiting for them to come back to me telling me that they think they got bunk gear and they're not growing and they don't know why.

    Stuff like that really annoyes me. I see too many people do that all the time. There should be fine print on gear bottles saying "if you're going to drink, not work out and not eat, then kiss those gains goodbye".

    It's just dumb... Just had to rant about that since it just blows me away how dumb some guys are and then complain about not knowing why they don't make good gains and wonder what "extra" stuff I'm on when I'm doing way better than they are... maybe it's because I'm actually going to the gym, putting a bit of effort into it and been actually working out religously for the last 9 years.... 7 of those naturally.

    Ah... I feel way better now

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    I understand where your coming from bro, thats why there is us and then there is everyone else.

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    I hear ya.

    Next time you are on ANY message board, see how many threads/posts are in the ANABOLICS forum compared to those in the DIET forum.

    You tell me where the attention is lacking.


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    oh god i hear you

    i was just talking last night w/ my training partner about our friend like this.
    this **** eats on what we call the franchise tour...applebee's, chili's, friday's etc. drinks EVERYDAY!!!!oh no, not just one day on the weekend perhaps...EVERY ****ING DAY!!!oh he's a mess
    he begged us to set him str8 on diet, training, recovery, we did. this **** after doing all the above things even two months after we told him to change his lifestyle to be a better bb'er says to me like a week ago..."hey, i think that gear you got me is fake!!!!!" i am not joking when i tell you that i ****ed reemed this pussy out in the gym in front of like 15 guys and girls. we haven't spoken since since he's away in new orleans. you can only imagine what the guy this asshole is doing down there!!!
    bro i feel your hatred for these pricks!

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    I see it happen all the time and I just shake my head and look the other way... Some guys make themselves out to be "Hardcore" at the gym and then are out getting bombed on the weekend. I never drink on cycle because i'm too afraid of what it's doing to my body besides the fact that its a waste. When i'm laying underneath 315lbs and repping it for 10 the only excuse they give me is... "Well i'm drinking 3 nights of the week" and they chuckle with their friends because these guys are all 22-23 and I guess that's still the thing to do... Right

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    so true.........and this is exactly what seperates the dedicated people from the average person............

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    ttuPrincess Guest
    very true and it makes me very mad too..

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    no doubt bro, i agree people like that are a waste of time, and gear. when they ask you whats up i suggest u tell them straight up and maybe if their smart enough next time they'll get their **** together or not bother you

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