I have done business with a company out of California for years, but I saw recently that musclemagnepa.com had some better prices. I live in PA, and its a company out of PA, so I figured why not. Well, I order $75 worth of stuff. A few hours later I get a call and they tell me that the glutamine I ordered is out of stock. So I say just give me the cheapest brand that offers 500 grams. OK no prob they tell me.

Well, the next day (not even 24 hours later) I have the stuff I ordered. I open the box, and one of my Big Whey's is cut open. They gave me a brand of glutamine that cost 30 bucks (the one I ordered was 18, I checked on the net and there were a lot of cheaper ones). So now I'm pissed. I send them an email stating how disappointed I am in their company and explain what happened.

Here's the kicker. They email me back and apologize for the inconvience. Then they tell me that they will not charge me for the 5lb bag of protein that was opened, they will charge me the price for the glutamine that I wanted, not recieved, and they will send me a free t- shirt and a shaker!!!

End result - 10lbs Designer Protein and 500 grams of glutamine for under 55 bucks including shipping.

They screwed up, I let them know, and they made me happy. I'm now a musclemagnepa.com fan. Just thought I'd let you guys know. They take care of their costumers.