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    I went shopping this weekend

    You should have seen me. I was like a robot programmed to do one thing only and that one thing was to shop. I bought a new book by Hunter Thompson called The Rum Diaries which he wrote when he was rather young. So far, so good. I also bought some cd's, among them Mogwai's "Happy Music for Happy People". I really like them now. I listened to them on the bus ride home from visiting a friend up north and enjoyed the crap out of it. I don't recall what else I bought though, more cd's and some other stuff I guess. I think it's this point right here that this thread became truly and completely boring. Crap.

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    yeah, this thread is lacking in your usual humor, but cool deal with the hunter thompson, hes a phenominal author.

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    got any pics?

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    I call bullsh*t on this one. I do not believe for one second that you went shopping.

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    On rare occasions when I venture out to the mall, its go straight for the sale rack. Quick overview, followed by quick grabs sans trying anything on and pay. The only thing I would try on are shoes. The only exception when a man needs to stop and think is when he is in the sporting goods store looking at hunting and fishing gear. This is where he must make doubly sure everything fits perfectly. No bull$hittin here. Gotta ensure that vest is quiet and that coat has enough pockets for all your gear. Also buying firearms is something that takes time and consideration.

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