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    Hmm....what to do?

    FI has some kinda friends ( the hi and bye kind, don't really give too shits about them to be honest) Anyway they want AS. So i asked how long he'd been working out and explained u need to work out for a significant amount of time. He responded with "yeah i've been working out for like 3 weeks now!" and i was like okay... Anyway i can seriously make some profit off this guy and some of his friends. Maybe enough to buy me another cycle. Should i?

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    That's a very tough decision. But you really have to think about this. After only 3 weeks of training, this guy knows shit all, and he will obviously do some serious damage to himself.

    However, IF AND ONLY IF you are willing to put the time and effort into it, and really follow this guy through his whole cycle, and help him out with everything, and make sure he does the shit right, only then would I say sell him some AS.

    Otherwise, if you are planning on just selling it to him, and letting him ride it out on his own, I would personally have to say don't. That's JMO.

    I'm kinda in the same situation as you, except the guy that I know has been working out for many years, and has done cycles before, only that he buys his shit from a local source which is damn expensive, and wants to buy from other areas. I could probably make good profit off this guy, by "buying and reselling" gear or something like that...but still it's a tough choice. Not to mention, it's a serious crime if you get caught doing shit like this.

    Don't forget, your in Univ. you don't want to risk being "exploited" or something like that and getting booted out of U.

    Up to you dude, but think think abgout it good.

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