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Thread: Lasik surgery

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    Lasik surgery

    Has anyone here had the LASIK surgery done? Im seriously thinking about it.

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    I haven't, but my sister has. She had pretty crappy eyesight, but now sees 20/20. She had her's done in Montreal

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    Had it done a few years ago. Best money I ever spent, and I'll probably have to spend it again. I got it done too early. Should have waited untill my late 20's, as now my sight is fading a bit. I an still see 20x better than before the surgery though

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    i still think the procedure is not completely perfected yet, but i'll give it 8 more years before i get mine done....don't try to save your money on this by any means usually it ranges from 4-7K to have it done by a reputable specialist. Many still wear glasses at night due to blurry vision.

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    I had it done years ago and it was a disaster.

    I won't go into details, it's not a time of my life I like to remember, but suffice to say I got many complications and the doctor refused admit anything was wrong and "dumped" me.

    My life was a nightmare for a year and I was lucky to find a benevolent doctor to fix me up.

    Did you know that the Lasik "success rate" is a bullshît statistic. After the operation I was in constant eye pain, had chronic dry eyes and had double vision out of one eye, but since I could (barely) read the 20/20 line on the doctors snellen chart, I was a success. NO mentions of my complications in my file.

    Check out those sites...

    Oh and it's been 3-4 years now and I'll be needing (very low power) glasses as my vision has faded a bit, and loss of contrast makes driving at dusk quite unpleasant.

    You only have 2 eyes... before you make any decisions research research research!


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    hey bro...i had lasik surgery done in July, at that time my vision was corrected to 20/20 but now it has gotten even better to 20/ money i ever spent and i recommend it to anyone...just make sure if u do have it done to purchase a warranty plan just incase your vision regresses a few months down the road

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    i had a few days of horrible pain where it felt like i had an endless amount of sand in my eyes which sitll water everytime i think about it, but they said that reaction is rare. Other than that it is well worth it if you can round up the cash it takes. Went from 20-80 vision to 20-20

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    i did forget to mention though, she had to go back to the doctor about 3 times to get additional treatments

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