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    would you rather?

    have a job that paid you an insane amount of money but you absolutely hated going there everyday or a job that you loved that paid you just enough to get by and one gift to yourself a year?

    I would rather have a job that is extremely exciting (fighter jet pilot, SWAT, Green Berets) and not get paid a whole lot but love what i am doing.

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    I would rather have the money, and then use it to pursue the things that I want, both to have and to achieve. JMO. Money provides freedom.......

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    Have to love what you do for a living or it get real old real quick, IMHO. I turn wrenches for $13.55/hr. It pays the bills. I probably will live with my parents for the next 7 years while I pay off my car. Such is the bitch of owning a Z06 'Vette when your 27. When I drive the 'vette I feel great.

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    Definetly gotta love what you're doing, thats why i'm in the Air Force

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    if i had a family to support then i'd have to stay with the higher paying job. i'd want my kids and wife to be able to have some of the nicer things in life. however, i am aware that having a job that stresses me out constantly would directly effect how i carried out my role as a father and a husband. knowing this up front, i feel as though when i see my kids doing something they loved and knowing that i'm working hard to provide for them, i would have to be proud of the work i do.

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    the money would be nice, but i couldn't bear being miserable everyday.........

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    money wouldnt be worth'll probably be paying to see a shrink

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