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    So I was going strong for a good few months, finally getting back into the gym again after a year of hell. With the death of my cousin in my house, and the loss of my first TRUE love. I hit the gym hard.. Only to fall back into another trap

    I had to quit my job yesterday, and starting another job, a job that will add more stress, being only 100% commission. Ontop of all that I hurt my back and took a week off. Sure enough the day I get back into the gym I pinch a nerve BAD in my neck.. And now I am out this week aswell. And eating bad to boot...

    I am gonna relax the rest of the week and start my whole life again fresh this Mon. New job and get my as$ back into the gym.

    Wish me luck guys LOL

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    thats what i am doing right now, its hard as hell, but we will be alright. Good luck!!!

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    If you eat clean, your mood will improve and you'll speed recovery.

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    Good luck bro. Im going thru an injury period too, back this month after a year! You should see the before after pics! bah! Good luck with your new job. Any reason why you choose a 100% all commission job?? If you can do it, awsome! Keep lifting!


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