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    Anyone else been really lazy from the gym?

    well im looking forward to going to the gym tommarow... things have been very difficult lately. i got alot on my mind..just started a new job which is in retail. it is easy and is only to tie me over while i finish me emt classes. the problem is in retail the hours are crazy and not set. between that and the emt classes i havent had any time to workout with my workout partner, or even alone that much..its also that time of year i like to jump on that one cycle but since i had problems with my source who knows when that will be. so i dont even have that to really look forward to. well tommaorw my scedule is starting to look better and im going to try to get serious again, eat clean again and just get my head right...this been going on for about 2 weeks now. i havnt even been on AR that much laterly. no time..
    i could go on forever sorry to bore you guys but i just needed to let it out..

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    im in the same boat as u brother.... source takes forever.. bla bla.... work.... ekk... no motivation right now.

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    Make sure you jump right into work from your EMT cert. If you take a break like I did, you forget a bunch of things and have to read up a bunch more than wanted.

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