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    HELP...Friends BROTHER is in the Way

    hey guys i am just trying to vent a little. heres the situation. two of my good bros are juicing along with me this cycle. one of them has done a couple cycles and its the first cycle for the other. the friend whos first cycle it is, has an older brother. his older bro is a trainer in a gym and supposedly has cycled before. the problem is, he is giving his brother all the wrong advice. my friend knows that i know what im talking about and can help him out alot but of course he is going to look up to his brother and second guess me. this is what i have him running. for his first cycle i got him on some UG lab test E 400mgs/wk and EQ at 300mgs/wk. shooting it every mon and thurs.

    well he told his brother about it and his brother said this....
    he told him that he has good genetics and will get to big on test e and eq. he then tells him that he shouldnt trust the ug lab because it is easy to fake. he can get him some QV (which is fine and not bad thinking but as anyone knows QV can be faked as well). he then tells him that theres no need to shoot 2 times a week, once a week is fine. and to top it off he told him he should be running sustanon for his first cycle, one shot a week.!!!

    this pisses me off. he is supposed to continue with what i got him on but how can i get him to realize his bro is giving him bad advice without offending him?

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    dude sust alone for a first cycle will cripple him, if he hits the quads... let him... its funny to watch ppl i did..hahaha

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    Stupid is as stupid does...

    can you imagine.. people are still takind dbol only cycles.....

    and deca only cycles...

    the point is............ ;for every person that is educated .. there are 3 people that aren't......

    and opinions are like ass holes.. everybody has one.. and they usually stink..
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