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    need opinions for my research paper

    i need a "interview" source for my research paper and im gonna be lazy so can you guys give me your opinion on why some judges do not try juveniles as adults, even when they commit murder etc... and even opinions on wether or not juveniles should be tried as adults.. thanks guys..

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    I think this is a very tough ethical question, which is why your probably doing a paper on it. I think that Judges have the ability to use their discretion because each situation and each juvenile is different, and these crimes happen under different circumstances. However, I do think that the subjective nature of ONE MAN having this discretion may be a problem, and may not prove consistent among similar cases due to the differences betwenn judges.

    Personally, I do not think any juvenile under the age of 16 should be tired as an adult, I just think that although physical development may be "adult like" there is still mental development taking place and often (not for all juveniles) the ramifications of their actions are not always completely understood. I also think that if you can be tried as an adult at 16 you should also have the right to vote at 16.

    Just some quick thoughts, excited to open the dialogue about this subject, as we should get a lot of varying responses, which is always educational.

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    its my opinion, when a baby can crawl and kill, it can get the chair... phuck that murderous baby

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