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    Question Controversial question ! Warning !!

    Hi all.. even though I gained the respect of many here and found my way on this board, I will go and try to ask a damn controversial question which will maybe leads to a ban. I hope not but I really HAVE TO know.

    I love bodybuilding and I won't stop.. ever...
    The only thing that I hate fron BB is that I used to be a party boy and getting high with bros..

    Since I do BB and I follow my diet, I'm really strict and I don't have any problem of responsability with that.

    What I'm looking for is a way to still get high when I go out with bros.. without hurting my Bodybuilding gains. My priority IS bodybuilding but I DO want to get high sometimes.

    I made lots of read and found that my usual stuff to get high is damn bad for bodybuilding... Speed (amphetamine, not meth) eat away both muscle and fat so I don't even think about it, same for cocaine.... Alcohol is decreasing too much the test level I think...

    I would love to be able to drink some vodka when partying but I don't want to hurt my Bodybuilding gains. Are vodka and other strong alcohol beverage as bad as strong drugs like speed and coke ?

    Please I need suggestion of substance to get high without hurting my bodybuilding gains.


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    a building
    its obvious ur dedication to bodybuilding isnt very strong when u cant give up recreational drugs so u can keep getting 'high'......sacrifices need to be made, and if u cant make them, i wouldnt hope for much in terms of making ur goals, especially dealing with drugs....if ur drugs are so important to u, i wouldnt even worry about bodybuilding, just start hanging out with ur buds and doing meth and whatever else to keep fulfilling ur drug habits.....goodluck in rehab

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    I'm amazed you even took the time to write this.

    Quote Originally Posted by SayHelotomylilFriend

    Please I need suggestion of substance to get high without hurting my bodybuilding gains.

    That says it all.

    Once again, for the visually impaired, recreational drug talk is NOT PERMISSIBLE here. Not only that, we're here to better ourselves through fitness and such, not talk about ways to escape reality and get "high".
    My guess is you are very, very young and haven't matured yet. Not a slam on you, but you'll thank us in the years to come.

    May want to re-think your outlook on life too, as if you constantly think about getting high, fitness obviously is on the back burner and you're going to end up really f*cking yourself up.



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