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    Scotty, beam me up

    This spring doesnt stop ****ing with me

    I feel like totaly giving upp on everything now.

    Today I got a letter from alfakassan(a place that gives unemployement cash)that I wont get any money.

    I imidietly called them to se WTF is going on and the reason they cant give me money is that its in the rules that I have to either have finished my studies or aborted my studies. But since Im gonna resume my studies in september(I have had a break from it since june 2004) I cant get any unemployement money. Thats so ****ed upp. HOW THE **** DO THEY EVEN THINK?!?!?!?!?! Getting punished because I want to continue my studies??

    I have tried to find a job for the summer to but to no luck. Nothing nowhere.
    I have been searching for a job since february more or less. Struggling with my ****ing economy all along, have been forced to borrow lots of money from my friends to be able to ****ing buy food.

    I have managed to save enough money to pay for the rent this month but thats it. When I have payed that I wont be able to afford any gymcard, no supplements, **** I wont even be able to aford food. The month after that I wont be able to pay rent either.

    To make things worse my stomach katharr is back again and I cant afford any medicin for it and I also have a HUGE exam the 4th june that I HAVE TO pass to be able to continue my studies this fall ,but with all this shit going on how the **** am I gonna be able to concentrate.

    Now Im gonna sound like a ****ing racist but if I had been a arab, russia, *insert any shithole country* imigrant I would have gotten cash imidietly. Its disgusting how easily imigrants get welfare while ****ing swedes cant get shit.

    Piece of shit country with its ****ing idiotic rules that makes it ****ing impossible for regular ****ing people to ****ing survive. Not like I want to ****ing crawl and beg for that ****ing money anyway I would love to have a ****ing job but with this socialist piece of shit country unemplyoement is like 30+% and the social services goes to everyone except swedes.

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    wow, i really thought you were talking about the good ole USofA. hope it all works out for you. good luck bro.............charlie r

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    Damn, I'm sorry to hear about your run of bad luck Johan. Keep looking for work and I'm sure something will pop up. I also feel your pain concerning freebe's to foreigners. Here in the states it's in the form of business loans for them and you will see many indians buying up motels and convenience stores under these programs.

    Hang in there and keep trying!

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