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    Anyone else been getting these scams?

    This is the second one in 2 days . No idea how my email got out there :

    Please View Website of Disaster to confirm true life story of our LATE

    Southgate House Udi Street,
    Osborne Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.
    D/L Tel: +234-803-049-7788, +234-1-77639560
    DATE: JUNE 2005


    Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings!

    I am Christopher Walker Gorman, Barclays Bank Group Representative Office
    (Nigeria) Ltd, auditing and accounting section and the personal
    investment account officer of LATE Mr. Jean-Louis Pereau, who is an Oil
    Merchant and the President/Chief Executive Officer of Jean-Louis Pereau
    Industries France. Herein referred as my customer.

    On the 2nd, of September 1998 at: 11:16 p.m. EDT (0316 GMT ,Swissair
    Jetliner, with 229 passengers on board bound from New York JFK to Geneva,
    Switzerland, crashed catastrophically off the coast of Nova Scotia
    vanishes from radar near Nova Scotia Halifax, my deceased client Mr.
    Jean-Louis Pereau, and his wife Mrs. Clelia Pereau with their three
    children Joelle Pereau, Sylvie Pereau and Yves Pereau were involved in a
    horrific flight crash, 215 passengers and 14 crew members unfortunately
    lost their lives in the disastrous crash of Swissair Flight 111.May their
    gentle souls rest in glorious peace Amen.

    Subsequently I encompass numerous enquiries to locate any of my customers
    extended relatives this has also proved unsuccessful. After these numerous
    unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact you to forward your
    particulars for claim; hence I contacted you as the NEXT of KIN to my LATE
    client. I have contacted you to assist in repatriating his chattels and
    capital value amounted to US$240,000,000.00 (Two Hundred and Forty Million
    U.S Dollars only), which his account has been dormant since 1998 and has
    accumulated interest with Barclays Bank Group Representative Office

    I consequently request your maximum assistance and approvals to facilitate
    the clearance of my LATE client’s chattels and capital value before they
    get confiscated or enthusiastically declared unserviceable by the
    authorities and Barclays Bank Group Representative Office (Nigeria), where
    these huge funds were deposited.

    However, the International finance organization has issued me a final
    notice to present his family NEXT of KIN for claim or have the consignment
    confiscated. Therefore, on receipt of your encouraging response, we shall
    discuss the compulsory modalities. I have all permissible indispensable
    instruments for your claim. Note that you will be entitled to 45% of the
    total inheritance while 5% will be set aside for any unexpected
    expenditure and 50% for me and my colleagues.

    In conclusion, I will appoint the assistance of a legal practitioner to
    prepare the last WILL of testament notorized for claim in your favour,
    your assistance is exceedingly obligatory in order to accomplish this
    entire transaction and I guarantee that this operation will be executed
    under a legitimate arrangement that will protect us from any breach of

    Best Regards,
    Christopher Walker Gorman

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    the lower carolina
    ..yes....and variations of it.....

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    The sad part is that some people actually take the bait, otherwise we would not be getting these emails.

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    Dude, I've been hit with that one and many more. I'm trying to sell my car right now, got it listed at Hemmings and DuPont registry. I've already gotten about 6 "offers" to buy the car for the full asking price. Of course, they already have a cashiers check made out, only for $8000 more than my if I could kindly wire them $8000, the sale can be completed. I hate these people. What's so hard about getting a f*cking a job? I guess it's easier to scam honest people.

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    here is one I just got, I get about 5 of these in variations a week. Any one else get one like this

    Dear Sir,
    I am Barrister John Perry a lawyer to Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Wong who was
    on board the ill-fated EgyptAir 1999 that crashed killing all passenger on
    board. You can visit the BBC website for the avoidance of doubt:
    Before the incident he has Fifteen million US Dollars in Asian bank and
    now over Six years i dont know any of their relation to present as next
    of kin. I am contacting you to present as the next-of-kin to the late client.If
    this is okay by you, get back to me so that i can give you details of the
    bank, we also negotiate the percentage.

    Regard to your family,

    Barrister John Perry.
    reply only to

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    Do what I do, tell them to Western Union you $50,000 first to make sure they are legit, then you'll be more than happy to help them out.

    Usually shuts them up and takes you off the list.


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    I figured for awhile I would ignore them, and maybe the spammers would go away. I am going to try your way swole cat. I wonder if they will reply....

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    They won't reply because they don't have $50,000 to send and they are so full of sh*t, their eyes are brown.


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    the lower carolina
    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    They won't reply because they don't have $50,000 to send and they are so full of sh*t, their eyes are brown.

    ...Would you believe one of them had the "testicular fortitude" to reply to my request for a down payment....said they would gladly make the necessary arrangements upon receipt of my SS# and DL#....(for id purposes only I'm sure.. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    Do what I do, tell them to Western Union you $50,000 first to make sure they are legit, then you'll be more than happy to help them out.

    Usually shuts them up and takes you off the list.


    AHHHAHAHA , thats exactly what i did , great minds think alike .

    Im selling a motor , i just got this from some guy....seems kinda shady heres the whole dialog. I musta got onto some kinda scammer list a couple days ago . I had it listed on ebay twice , and its on a bullitin board at a diesel forum .

    >----- Original Message ----- From: "Marc Bryant" <>
    >To: <>
    >Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2005 6:30 AM
    >Subject: 7.3L IDI motor

    >>Just want to know if you still have the named above item for sale.
    >>If yes I will be in need of the following informations below:
    >>Firstly, the pics of the item if available I want you to have it sent to
    >>my email box. Secondly,I want you to tell me little about the present
    >>conditions of the item named above.Lastly, the last price and if it is
    >>negotiable. Moreso I will want you to tell me if you can accept Cashier's
    >>checkUS Money Order/United Postal Money Order as your payment and once it
    >>clears you can release your item?
    >>I want you to make sure that the price given does not include the
    >>shippment charges owing to the transportation shipping agent company that
    >>I have a contract with, they will come and pick the merchandise up once
    >>the check clears your bank.
    >>The reason for the pick up is owing to international shippment as the item
    >>will be picked and shipped to Australia cos I have just got an urgent
    >>transfer from my work place in Wyoming US that I will be moving to
    >>Australia for the next three months. If you are interested in selling to
    >>me kindly get back to me on time as I have some other important things to
    >>handle so I am awaiting your early response.
    >>Marc Bryant
    >>GREYBULL, WYOMING 82426.

    From: "larry" <>
    >To: "Marc Bryant" <>
    >Subject: Re: 7.3L IDI motor
    >Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:01:43 -0400
    > Well the engine was in my 88' F-350 . Maybe 2 months after i bought it
    >i started noticing a knocking sound . I cracked all the lines and found the
    >problem to be in the passanger-side firewall cylinder . So i bought all new
    >injectors , wich did not help . Although i just took these injectors out
    >found 2 copper injector washers in this cylinder instead of one , but i
    >doubt that was the cause .
    > So i drove it with the knock for about 7 months , and it never lost
    >power . But i believe the oil cooler went , i knew it had a small leak
    >because i had oil in my coolant (no coolant in the oil though) but i think
    >the leak turned into a big one becuase it filled my radiator with alot of
    >oil . The hoses blew off it and made a mess .
    > At this point i could still start the truck no problem and it ran ,
    >after i drained and refilled the radiator with water(i obviously stopped
    >driving it after that) so i was gonna do a rebuild , but then i came along
    >a good deal on a used motor and ended up swaping it out .
    >I would like $400 for it , this is far less than the core charge alone on
    >this block , that does not include shipping.This is for the long block with
    >injector pump , injectors , the wire harness, controller , glow plugs , and
    >flywheel , pretty much what you see in the pic . I can except any of the
    >payments you listed .
    >hope this helps , feel free to ask any other questions .

    Thanks very much for the quick respond this can deduce that you are will to
    do business with me and also I will not dissappoint you in any way I will
    make sure I give out my best to make this little transaction ends up in a
    very excellent terms......I want you to also consider this item sold to me
    and take off the advert off the market as not to interest any other
    For the last price I am OKAY with it at $400

    Concernning the shippment as I said in my first letter I stated that the
    item is highly needed in Australia not USA where I live For this I dont want
    you to bother your self about the shippment anylonger as the shippment wil
    be handled by a pick up.This is not the only item that will be picked up and
    shipped to Australia by a shipping company so I dont want you to bother over
    this anylonger.I hope this is understood by you?issurance is also
    covered..No loss or damage.

    For the payment that you will receive I also want you to know that the
    payment will include the shippment charge this is owing to the picked up
    method and as it will be done by an International shipping agent,everything
    will be fine as this is not my first time of dealing with them and they have
    been great so I want you to bear with me cos I would have paid the company
    directly but at the at of the pick I will not be around so I wouldn't want
    any further delay when the time comes and await the payment and as soon as
    you recieve the payment and you notify me through email I will direct you on
    how the shippment charge will be transfered to the shipping company so that
    they can come for the pick up of the item.I believe all this is understood
    by you?

    Lastly,If all I have stated above is understood and accepted by you I will
    be in need of the following informations to have the deal sealed and make
    arrangement for the payment...This info is needed for the payment to be
    Full Name:.........,Address or P.O Box............Phone #......

    I will await your respond to this as soon as you get this letter read.
    Bye for now.


    I havent replied to this last message , i dont like the sounds of me paying the shipper , how would he know the price of shipping? But can i really get screwed if he pays with a cashiers check?

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    man i was trying to sell a guitar amp and some **** wanted to buy it. it seemed cool the whole way through the sale. he was buying it for his "customer". then he starts talking crazy and saying he needs to send me $2000 instead of the 700 i asked for. I'm supposed to cash it pay the shipping costs and sent the rest of the money back. i told him i'm not doing that and i'm not selling it too him.

    so this check for 2000 actually comes to my house and this guys starts calling and leaving msgs on my machine. he was from holland or someting.

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