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    Ok, a new hated television show!!!

    You may have read some of my old posts about TV and the diff shows I hate so ****ing much like Lifetime originals and alot of reality shows, but u didnt actually think I was going to stop did ya? So I'm sitting here on AR and my fiance is again watching one of her dumb ass shows. My new most hated shows are the "Please nanny, come clean my ****ing house cause we got 10 kids and are too lazy!!!" shows. These people live like animals, bugs in their home and food containers and crap all over. And you have to hear them bitching like"We just dont have time, or I dont have the energy!!" I mean, what do some of these peoples coworkers and freinds say about this shit? I'd be embarrassed to have my home on TV if it looked like that.

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    i havent watched tv in roommate hogs it and its mind

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    I havent watched Tv in 6 months wut a fvcking relief...

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