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    Question I have been putting in a lot of URL's at BD's website?

    I have been putting in numerous websites and nothing. can anybody help me. PLEASE............................................ .....

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    I have to give it to you real/direct, because obviously with all of your "hook up please" threads here you are not getting the picture.

    NO ONE is going to help you because of the way in which you are being INTRUSIVE as f*ck. You have to learn the game around here, and right now you are so far on the side-line, h*ll in the bleachers, that you aren't even near the cheap seats.

    It's those people who don't understand the game, who never get to play. If you don't know the rules, you can't play the game. I have nothing to do with this type of "referral" or "legit lab/source" information, as I wouldn't know a legit source from an FBI agents address. I simply choose not to get involved in illegal activity as such, but h*ll, even I know the GAME. I've just simply retired.

    Refrain from begging threads in which you will only receive SCAMMERS in your inbox that will juice your for your cash. You will be suspended if this keeps up, and ironically, this will be done only to save YOUR ass.


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    Yup. Delete your pm box, b/c it will be bombarded with scammers.
    PM, you should have picked up on what Meso said in your last thread..

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    I swear, Swole-cat is one bad-ass dude.

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