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Thread: Future lifespan

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    Future lifespan

    How long do you think the lifespan of humans will be in 50 years? 100 years?

    I am optimistic and I think that with advances in genetic enginering, nanotech and medicin we will ultimately be able to live as long as we want to.

    Just imagine when nanotechnology advances and we can inject millions of small repair nanobots to fix and improve things in our bodies. Targeting cancer cells, viruses, bacteria. Removing atherosclerosis manualy.
    Or when we can grow new limbs and organs from steem cells and just replace them when our original body starts to get worn out.

    Not to mention integrating computer chips and similar things into the body, improving memory and other brain functions and making sure the brain can go on indefenetly.

    If someone has read Peter Hamiltons Comonwealth saga thats my vision of the future. Would be fun beeing part of the first generation that takes babysteps towards imortality.

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    I would love to live forever I mean it would be cool to see the technology in 100 years it could be like star trek or something. Plus could you imagine a bodybuilder with 100 years of training and AAS use wed have 800lb olympia winners

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    Personally I'm not ever going to die. That why, I'm running a nice Winny, Dbol , Masterdon, Halotestin , Methyl-Tren cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantz11
    Personally I'm not ever going to die. That why, I'm running a nice Winny, Dbol, Masterdon, Halotestin, Methyl-Tren cycle.
    Dont forget the drol! In that case, you will die..tomorrow

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    i think there will always be something that holds us back from immortality. we may push towards it...but i doubt the avg lifespan ever creeps too far above where it's at now.

    in my wildest dreams, i could see the avg lifespan creeping up above 90 or so...but that's it.

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    I wouldnt want to live that long. you ever sit down and talk to a 90 year old? most are so senile it makes you wonder if your life is even worth living after that point.

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    Good question, but we'll never know since we'll be dead. Well most of us at least.

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    The point of no return.
    Right now our our dna falls apart after 30-35 regenerations. Sort of natures built in death sentence if you will. I believe it will be many years if ever, before this natural lifespan limitation is conquered.

    Interestingly, cancer cells can regenerate indefinately. Perhaps the answer to immortality is locked within the cancer cell.

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