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    My GF's term paper on AAS

    So my girlfriend has to write a paper on AAS for a criminal justice class she's in. Here's a synopsis of it:


    A. Mechanism of Action
    B. Physical and Psychological Dependence
    C. Side Effects

    · You must use at least two sources per topic. Your textbook should not be used as a source.
    · Cite references after each section.
    · Type an appropriate title page.
    · APA style. No source older than 2000.

    Of course, she wants me to write it (she knows I juice). Any ideas bros?

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    1) I wouldn't use this site as a literature source. These are all opinions, whether they are based on fact or not.

    2) Tell her to write her own friggen paper.

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    on citing a literary source, it's not very wise to use a .com. You should be using you can try Gale literary source, or Ebscohost.
    This is a bad topic to be doing a paper on and trying to find proper literary sources. But it can be done. Just don't use this site cause as the velvet said, it's all opinions, and whoever critiques your paper will fuhk you in the ass for not using a proper source. However if there are any pros here that are trainers etc, you can do an online interview with them, and cite any quotes that support your thesis.

    Have fun!

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