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Thread: Going to MEXICO

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    Going to MEXICO


    what is the chance I can get some cheap "supplements",

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    Cancun isn't the best place to shop for "supplements", but it is a great vacation spot. However, your chances are pretty good as you can find them at any pharmacy or granero. It is a tourist trap so prices might be a little high. I would go to a granero. I have been "vacationing" in Mexico since 1991 (2-3 times a year). Here are some tips from my own personal experiences.

    1. Always be aware of the policia. Some say "supplements" are legal, while others say they are illegal. The latter is true if you do not have a prescription. I have dealt with the policia a few times, which leads to my next tip.

    2. Always carry bribe money in your wallet and keep your cash in your shoes and pockets. Never reveal how much cash you have if you want to keep it.

    3. If you run into trouble never bribe the simply ask them to "pay the fine for you". And of course he will go to the courthouse and pay the fine. The most I have paid is $300, the least is $15.

    4. Try not to look like a bodybuilder. If you have nice tanned skin, shaved arms and legs, and a razor ripped physique you will certainly draw attention. Ponchos work wonders.

    5. Alter your appearance when you leave a "supplement" store. Put on or take off a baseball cap, and change your shirt.

    6. Always have souvenirs on hand before your purchase. I like the big blankets. Then you can place your "supplements" inside. I have seen too many people stopped by the policia for walking around carrying only a bag of goodies (that includes me).

    7. Photocopy pictures of Anabolics 2005 to help you discern the fakes, which are rampant in Cancun. You don't want to have this book in your luggage.

    For obvious reasons I won't offer any advice on getting your supplements back home safely. It is much harder than it used to be, espescially since 9/11. The days of walking over the border, buying $2.50 sustanon redi-jects, putting them in a clay pot and simply walking back across are long gone. However, I will say that pills are the way to go if you are flying.

    This is just my personal advice. If you already knew all of this then maybe it will be of help to others on this board. Just watch your back. I can't stress that enough.

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    You to Cancun to get laid not steroids man. Come on.

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    gotta be cheaper than over here - bastard expensive country - consida urself lucky, id be a far richer man if we had american prices for fuel and supplements over here

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