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    Which george foreman grill?

    Which model should I get?

    I didn't know there were more to choose from....

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    IMO It doesnt really matter if it is a George Foreman cos there are loads of these type of grills on the market and some of the other brands are just as good if not better

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    Just make sure that you get one with removeable grill plates. Otherwise, they get all gunked up and start to stink if your not religious about cleaning it, which inevitably you won't be. Mark

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    This is the one i have and its great!

    Great tasting healthier food grilled in minutes
    Grill burgers, chicken, fish, vegetables and more
    Double-coated non-stick surface means no need to use butter or oil
    Deep grilling grooves carry run-off grease and fat into separate tray for easy disposal
    Cooks from top and bottom at the same time for fast, even grilling
    800 sq cm cooking area - enough space for 8 burgers, 6 chicken breasts or 5 steaks
    Floating hinge for easy grilling of extra thick steaks, chops or burgers
    20 minute timer with bell helps you with accurate cooking times
    High quality cast aluminium body with stylish brushed finish
    Easy clean plates make tidying up easier
    Automatic warm up feature
    Thermostatically controlled ready light

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    am destined to be

    Thumbs up

    GEORGEFOREMAN Next Grilleration Grill

    good bet

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