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    Peace be with you

    Ok this is going to sound kind of sappy....

    Just wanted to say that it is my hope that this post will make each one stop and think, if just for a second or two, how your attitude affects others. And how each of us make such an impact on the other weather we realize it or not.

    I have been going through some personal struggles lately and so many members have been helping me through phone calls and PM's(thanks). I tried to keep a positive attitude but many times I failed. I got right back up and keep trying however. In part by the support of my friends, many that I found here at AR.

    What I mean is that, we all live together and each one of us reacts to the other in different ways, but the glass can be either half empty or half full and how we react to each other is far more important than the final distination that we are trying to get to. I know its the saying that goes something like...."Its the journey not the end of the journey that is important"... how true.....

    Sometimes we make mistakes and we have to pay the price for those mistakes. As an example, if I eat a bowl of ice cream I am going to see the next day the results of my choice when I look in the mirror. Not that eating that ice cream was a mistake just that my choice brought consequences some good, some bad but it was my choice. Also my friends that saw me eat that ice cream also are affected by my choice. The next day they suffer with me because they care too even though I still must pay the price for my choice.

    I am thankful to those that kept reminding me that the glass is half full when I saw it half empty.

    We all have are own mountains to climb but I have learned lately that if we look deep enough we find that we have also been given the tools to climb that moutain.

    Be good to yourself. Life is what we make it.

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    Respect bro, its all true what you say. Amen


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    Nice ... hope things are going ok.

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    Man that was a great post bro! It really did make me think. I just wish stuff like that was posted everday so I would have a positive out look on each day. Thanks alot for bringing me up and best of luck to you just think possitive! If today was the worst day of your life then atleast tommorow won't be so bad!

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    Anywere a fight is.
    Changed my attitude for a while! Great post bro! Keep your chin up.

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    Good post man.
    That which doesn't kill us, can only make us stronger.
    Keep your head up and, stay strong!!!


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