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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!

    N E E D H E L P...anyone who knows about buying and selling cars...

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, I am wondering how I can start up buying and selling cars. I want to buy a car right now in order to resell it. I know that if I buy it for personal useage that I will be charged the tax and liscense fee. I was under the impression that dealers don't have to pay this because they aren't going to be driving them. Anyone know how I can get aroung this?

    I don't want to pass this deal up, I just want to minimize my cost in this deal, it's a Jaguar XK8 convertible. Like I said, don't plan on driving it, just want to resell it.

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    its illigal but jump title. Never register it in your name. Just keep the title from who ever you get it from, in there name. Then just give it to the person you sell it to. Just try to get the person you buy it from not to date it.

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    Jaguar XK8 convertible DAMN!!! I was lookin for a new car too but I don't have that kind of bling If it's that good of a deal make sure it isn't Jacked.

    Dealers have a resale license so they don't have to pay tax when they buy it. Resale licenses are easy to get but I'm pretty sure will need to have a dealers license too

    BTW you know your gonna drive it

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