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    Im a Noobie...hello

    Sup Peeps,

    I'm pretty new to the workout scene and this forum. Just wanted to say 'hi' and stuff. I'm relatively small but I'm working hardcore to get big and cut. I'm in my bulking stage right now (5th week). I was wondering, is working out for two hours every single day efficient...or should I cut it down a bit. I am eating ALOT and the diet is rather healthy. I rarely stay sore for more than a day so I feel that it's ok to repeat the same muscle 2-3 times a week *especially my bi's. thnx

    Oh yeah...i need to strengthen my chest in a MAJOR way. how how how?! When I work out with my friends, I feel like a freaking girlie man. I max out at 125 x 5, btw....laugh all you want.....

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    Not laughing just welcoming you bro to the board.

    I train one body part a week to avoid over-training at no more then 1hr 15min...if I feel that maybe (and this is a big maybe) that I can hit a muscle group again if I don't feel I hit hard enough. This is rarely 'cause you might not of hit it hard enough but it'll have time to recovery fully (which it probably needed anyways). For the chest...incline bench, flyes and the good ol'fashion bench press work wonders...keep pluggin' away 'cause sooner or later you'll be putting up some serious weight.

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