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    well its official, my friends/training partners are poontangs

    "i don't wanna workout my legs because i don't want to be sore for the next few days."

    "i helped a friend move, thats my workout for the day."

    "i don't care what my legs, shoulders, and back look like."

    "lets move chest day and biceps day to the beginning of the week, because i always end up skipping at the end of the week and weekend."

    "i have big legs already, i don't need them to get beefier."

    well when its all said and done, lets compare results and i say even though yall work so damn hard on your chests and biceps only, mine will still be bigger, more vascular and more cut.

    arnold talks about this in his book. you can't have proper chest development without proper back development. you can't have proper bicep development without proper tricep development. i'm taking it one step further, you can't have proper anything development without proper leg development...

    in the end, my legs are puny...damn chicken legs...but AT LEAST i'm in the gym every sunday night working on em...ALONE...=P

    now lets vent a little. me and my roommate joined gold's gym 5 months ago (he graduated so we couldn't go to the school gym). we wanted to make a pact: whoever misses a day has to pay $5 per missed day. well my roommate lasted a whopping 1 month maybe before he started going to the gym MAYBE 2 days a week (our schedule calls for 6 days a week). he hid under the facade of "oh i have job and i want to excell at it so i'm pulling 8-9 hour work days". thats all fine and good. he lost that job and was jobless for months...and guess what...more excuses for why he wasn't making it to the gym. now he has a job that he goes to for maybe 4-5 hours a day, and only a few days a week. and guess what...still no gym for him. man, if we stuck to the pact, i'd be a rich man...

    so much for broken promises and lack of will power and determination...we had such high hopes for least >i< >still< do...=)

    strut, feel free to chime in...

    -- clocky baby

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    I always have the same problem. I work out at home. I've went through 4 work out partners since I started doing it at home. They are serious for a couple weeks then they get lazy. I have a chance to go back to the gym and get a serious work out partner now. However I have a weird work out schedule due to work and kids. So for now I lift alone. Not the best thing to do but I have no choice. Besides I can motivate myself more than anyone else can. I just miss having a good spot for negitives..

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    Gee, do you really need to ask my opinion on this? I think you already know what I think about the dedication of the suspects in question! Needless to say, we would both be twice the animals we are now if we worked out together

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    He he he I could never find a decent ***dedicated*** lifting partner, so I also lift alone. If I need a spot, I ask any of the regular bros at the gym.


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    "Wanna squat?"

    "No, but I can leg press XXX lbs."

    Damn, if only I had gained a pound for every time I heard that!

    Needless to say, I lift alone.

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    Indiana. My phallus is bigger than Nathan's!
    I wish they had my back probs and then they would be chomping at the bit to do squats.

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    My lifting partner is my headphones and the CD I am playing with...that's all the motivation I need.

    And clocky I feel your pain on the chicken legs...I work these motherfu*kers out every week and they don't grow..but I'm not going to stop...well I had to for a month due to a back injury....but I am back

    Nice Thread Bro!!!!!!

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