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Thread: Piss and Shit

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    Piss and Shit

    Hey guys... just wondering on average how many times a day everyone pisses and shits. Im taking a crap about 4 to 5 times a day and pissing 8-10 times not to mention once or twice during the night.

    Is everyone else the same during bulking?

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    Ever since I upped my water intake to about 4l a day, I feel like a girl with small bladder, I used to laugh at them taking bathroom breaks every 2 hrs, now it seems like it am just as bad. #2 is normal though

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    Well I guess it depends on how much food and water you are drinking. i would say 8-10 times a day is a bit much.. however not unlikely. If you have a small bladder, then that is very likely. However pissing at night, sometimes can mean prostate problems, but if you drink alot of water during the day and at night, that would be the likely cause. I wouldn't sweat it, if you are worried, just go check with a doctor, be sure and tell him what you are eating and drinking, before though.

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    2 shits
    5 pisses

    Everything is perfectly timed to fit my daily schedule. Now thats knowing your body.

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