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    Computer People- Any ideas?

    I recently tried to send an email with some attachments(pictures & and a proposal) to a customer and he says that the firewall he has set up is refusing the info due to corruption.

    I have Norton set up on my computer and have done a full system scan and all new updates from them have been insalled. Nothing was detected.

    Do any of you know how I can find out whats causing this?

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    It´s his firewall not your computer.

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    Can't see why a firewall would not allow the attachments in. Unless he's at work and they sys admin has disable any sort of thing ???

    Can he disable the firewall ?

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    HELL - I got the last col
    give the attachement a garbage file extension..

    the firewall could possibly be set to not allow certain files..such as .zip files

    ways around this are simple..

    instead of name the file WHATEVER.doc

    it will change the way it opens, but not the compression a zip file may already include.

    just alert your customer to change the file name before opening the doc...otherwise it will read as garbage..

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    a firewall blocks incoming/outgoing packets on certain ports. for instance, http (web) communication happens on port 80. you can setup your firewall to block outgoing communications on port 80 which would essentially disallow you from using the web. you can setup your firewall to to disallow incoming communcation on the port that email uses. that would essentially block all incoming emails (but possibly not outgoing emails, i'm not quite entirely sure about the smtp and pop protocols).

    that being said, it doesn't sound like the firewall is your problem since the email does arrive, right? its just the attachments that are not viewable? this sounds like some silly security setting on the email client or some protection software installed on the machine.

    that being said, i might be wrong. silly windows "firewall" software might do a lot more things these days than control what communication happens on what ports...

    even with that being said, i might be wrong again. since i don't know anything about email protocol, it could possibly be that the email is communicated over some port that the firewall allows, but the attachment is communicated over some port that the firewall disallows. but i seriously doubt that is the case...=)

    all that being said, everyone should use some unix operating system or linux...

    -- clocky baby

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