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    i got those bastards at vitamin shoppe back last night!!

    ok it was an accident, but i got 'em!!!
    i left the gym, went back to my friend's place to smoke it up, but realized" fuck me, i ran out of my NLarge!!" sooooo i had to run to vitamin shoppe w/ my friend.he drove because i was stank doobiest. well i go in, get my Nlarge, and i'm about to be out.wait!!i think i'll get some more multi's while i'm here. i scan the shelf of liquid vitamins, pick up a bottle of liquid multi, "fuck this. i already have multi's what am i thinking!" so i put it back, but oh no i can't just place it back on the shelf!!in my stanky state i put it on the shelf and as if in slow motion i watch it heading str8 for the floor to smash all now w/ my cat like reflexes i try to grab it out of mid air in some matrix/bong induced snatch. what happens next?fucking like 15 bottles of liquid shit come crashing to the floor as i accidently missed catching the bottle and slammed into the shelf!!!
    now i'm covered in fucking fish oil, goldenseal, and multi sludge!!all the workers come over(3 of them, because it's so hard to figure out what just happen they all had to be there,haha).they look at me, i look up and say, "fuck it!i spend enough $$ in here to be able to break some shit!"now my friend is mortified because not only did i break mad shit, but now i'm just laughing about it being a dick w/ my one knows what the say except, "don't worry about it."
    "oh ok, well can i buy this shit and be's been a long day.oh and i forgot my vitamin shoppe card!"
    i go in there all the time, but now i have a feeling they will not be hapy w/ me anymore
    take that vitamin shoppe!!!!!Mwahahahahaha

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    That's great.............. see there's always a happy ending to everything.

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    Thats pretty funny.......I went to gnc the other day to buy a multivitamin...........and asked the lady behind the counter if she had any Deca behind the counter..........and she just stared at me....and i just stared at her all blanked face...........seemed like 5 minutes....without saying a word.....i know its stupid....I just felt like being stupid that day

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    good story pb, even better if was GNC instead...i hate that place.


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    That is absolutely awesome!

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    Since you were covered in fish oil and other tasty liquids... I'd say they got you.

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