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    Funny Story In My Class

    So for my Implications for Drug Therapy class we were learning how to give injections. We watched a video on how and where you can give injections and of course I was getting a ragin' hard on from it. So after the class she makes it a point that they really don't give IM injections in the Dorsogluteal site (buttocks). She says that it is the most dangerous site you can give an injection and most health facilities won't do it unless it is nessacary due. She also states that she would pray that the person given her one had given many shots before and was experienced. The whole time I'm cracking up to myself thinking about how thats the only place I shoot myself and the person that gives me them is not experienced whatsoever. I made the mistake of telling him the story so now he's all nervous about giving me my shot tonight.

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    That would have been even bettre if you self injected...

    "Er teacher!? I disagree, here allow me to demonstrate!" zzzzzzzip! (as he pulls out 1cc of tren )


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    in your class..

    do they have show and tell?

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