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    Who's worried about R.I.A.A.?

    From what I hear, they can only pop you if you keep the upload on, I really would hate to have to buy a cd to hear an oldie I've forgot.

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    thank you

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    Ill pipe in on this one... I believe a judge is still ruling on wether or not downloading mp3's and "other" files is illegal... I know that Kazaa cannot be taken down because there server is based in Sweden (I think) and the laws there do not make it illegal... I TOTALLY AGREE! and the Music Industry are a bunch of whinning bastards.... I download games for free all the time and havnt heard the gaming companies making nearly as big a stink as the recording Industry.... Keep on whinning.. Ill keep downloading.

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    RIAA can kiss my ass, all these artists already have millions of dollars and their worried about losing a little bit from people downloading music, 100% greed, RIAA can go fuck themselves.....

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    I heard the same thing aout the upload being left on.
    Just keep the file that all your mp3s go EMPTY.
    Keep like the songs you download then quickly move them to a file that is not connected to KAZZA.

    Options. Advanced traffic then file folder for shared.

    Just download 2 or 3 a night. If you download an entire CD then in court I dont think that can be explained as a mistakeable download.

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    you guys ever heard of mirc. go to and you can download anything, even movies that are out right now in the theater.

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    RIAA can kiss my hairy ass... they have NO jurisdiction in Canada so boo-hoo for them.

    They did try to threaten some of the major national ISP's to get their "cooperation" in their witch hunt and were promptly told to go to hell.


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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    What's RIAA?

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