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    Whats Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

    OK i will start mine is when i went to a freinds wedding and got a little drunk.The night was getting a bit dull so me being me i decided to do the full monty on the stage.Little did i know the best man had recorded the whole thing.And to this day he likes to remind me of that fatefull day.....

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    Is that you in your avatar ripping your trousers off? LOL

    I,ve done so many I would,nt know where to start.

    Here,s a small one

    I went into a shop to return an item of clothing and the sales assisant was really cocky and I had a bad mood that day.I wanted to get my money back for this jacket and gave him the bag with the jacket and reciept.Anyway he takes his time about it and says he,ll have to get his manager by this time I start to lose my temper and start shouting at them both.People in the shop start to look at me and then the manager kindly points out " Sorry Sir we can,t actually do a refund because you bought the jacket from a different shop"I took the reciept of him and looked and yup wrong shop!! G/F had put it in a different bag and I assumed it came from there.

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    Originally posted by Billy Boy
    " Sorry Sir we can,t actually do a refund because you bought the jacket from a different shop"I took the reciept of him and looked and yup wrong shop!! G/F had put it in a different bag and I assumed it came from there.

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    On a beach in California
    Bragging to all my new buddies in L.A. about how great a surfer I was when I lived in Monterey, would go to Surf comps in Santa Cruz. Then, after having not surfed in several years, buying a lot of expensive gear; Board, wetsuit, etc. Going surfing for the first time in L.A., with them thinking I'm the King of Surfing. I wiped out on the first wave I tried, broke my new 300.00 board, smashed my face into the sand, and had to be pulled out by my buddies and taken to the hospital by an ambulance because of a possible concusion. Luckily I was ok physically, but mentally, well you can imagine the flames I caught.

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    Mine has to be Sophomore year in high school. Me and 3 of my good buddies went down to Daytona Beach for a little spring break vacation. So were kicking it on the beach and my buddy spots out these 3 hotties that were catching some rays. We decided that we need to go drop a little game on em but first we went into the water because we wanted that hard nipple look. We come out of the water and start jogging towards the ladies. Just as were approaching em, maybe 10 feet away, my foot catches the sand and I do a face plant. My friend takes off and heads towards the hotel. My front was covered in sand from head to toe. The girls just looked at me like "what the hell"? That sucked.

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    two that come to mind

    i got caught having sex on the hood of a car in the Pleasure Island (in Orlando)parking lot drunk off my ass on my birthday by like a 70 year old couple.i just looked up and there they were!!!!don't worry we took it back to my apartment and finsihed up.all's well that starts well on the hood of a car

    i got in a fight w/ a fuck buddy in Barney's last christmas when i was spending like $400 for a new pair of leather pants.i barely knew her and she was a cheap bitch so she was like don't spend that much,, yap , yap , yap.i was just like i barely know you and do you know where we are.she made a fucking complete scene.i was mortified.needless to say i never talked to her again.

    i'm sure there's more but most what would be embarassing for most i get a kick out of and just laugh about it.

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