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    Question 2004 a time to change things?

    Hi All,

    I've recently read that a few of us at AR are a unhappy with their lives at the moment. I am also in this unhappy point in my life where i'm not quite happy with where i am and what i'm doing, so at xmas time i decided that 2004 will be the year i change 1 major thing i dont like about my life.

    Everyone who is in someway unhappy with their lives should post up 1 thing that they want to change in 2004 to make your life a little better.

    Mine is that i want to move away from the city i'm currently living in (sydney) i dont like it anymore and want to move to Perth, i should be able to make my move around march/april, its a big risk for me, but i have to try something new, try and reinvent myself.

    what about everyone else? are you truly happy?

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    Scotty, beam me up
    Quote Originally Posted by Lostsoul
    what about everyone else? are you truly happy?
    Nope Im truly unhappy and if it wasnt for remeron and lifting weights I would not be here. I hate everything about my life and have no clue how to turn it around.

    The things I am going to do this year is get rid of all the disgusting fat I have(no matter what I wont fail this time) and to try and find energy to manage with university, cause this fall I failed on every course except one.
    Cant take time off studying either cause then I would lose my apartment and I would become nuts having some **** jobb.

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    I hate the 9-5 lifestyle so I'm taking some steps to make that go away. I'd like to hit the gym around 10am so that's the goal...Create a lifestyle that allows that. I will be a licensed financial planner with Primerica by the end of January and should my recruiting skills stilll exist I'll be able to be out of my J-O-B by March or early April. Other than that...this is the year i'm going to hit 11%. Not too sure what comes after that but I'll figure it out.

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    I think its because of winter that many people are depressed.... winter sucks

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