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    I'm want to open a HRT clinic. Thoughts?

    HRT (hgh, test, etc.) clinic marketed primarily to the non-bb crowd. Besides the usual start-up administration, I gotta meet with the drug reps about sourcing and pricing. Anyone have contacts? Notice I didn't say source. The whole thing is gonna be legit.

    Also, I will have to retain an MD for the Rx. Thoughts on ways to find one?

    I'm sure there are some licensing issues I'll have to address as well. I'm hopeful the drug reps can help steer me through the maze.

    Anyone know of or have experience with a clinic? Or even better have run or worked in one?

    This is not 'pie-in-the-sky'. I'm a serial entrerprenuer/MBA and have resources but am just beginning my due dilegence.

    Thanks for your thoughts or opinions.

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    awfully ambitious for someone who doesnt know how to run a clinic ( mean that in a good way)... i would imagine that an endeavour such as opening an hrt center would be more than just an entrepreneurail task- you must have a lot of free time on your hands, that or increadibly organized...
    good luck

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    Thanks dude. I AM highly organized and have the ability to adjust my schedule. Also, the list of stuff I done is fairly long. I figure it'll take me the next 3 months just to figure out wtf....


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    In the Gym, if i could
    If you managed the facility as a

    weight/life extention/treatment center...

    the docs work cheap......... trust me... we paid $15 for each consult.. doc never met with anyone.............. just put his name on the paperwork........

    depends alot on the state you are in also.....

    good luck...........
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